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Monday, February 6, 2012

Seen this ova on Real Clear Politics this morning and thought I wud pass it along.

There iz a video of this wretch, but since I wanna wretch whenever I hear her speak I will spare you the bile. 

Here's the text.

"The idea that the Catholic Church is being forced to do something that as a church it does not want to do is a misnomer," Rachel Maddow said on "Meet the Press" this morning. "The initial exception in here is that the Catholic Church , somebody that is providing the service of being a church, operating as a church, they are already exempt from this."

"The question is, as the Congressman says, when you want to become a health insurance provider, you must follow the rules of providing health insurance. And in this country that means that you have to cover contraception. And 80% of Americans agree with that," the MSNBC host said on MTP's during the panel segment in the program.

"You guys only want to make it about religion, but listen, Mitt Romney is campaigning saying that he would like to end all family planning support at the federal level. He would like to eliminate federal -- Title X (Title 10). Rick Santorum says he would like states to be able to make contraception illegal," she added.

"You can try to make this an issue of 'oh, Democrats hate religion," but the fact is churches were exempt from this from the beginning. This is about providing health insurance and the Republican Party is waging war on contraception at this point in the way [unintelligible] that's where the discussion is," Maddow said.

I ain't a supporter uv abortion as a solution to bad choice making and yet I am undecided/confused about the issues surrounding the health of the mother or incidents of rape (I consider incest to be rape). 

Read me a book a long time ago, "The Clan of The Cave Bear" and it seems abortion has been around for a real long time.  True to fact the book wuz a work uv fiction but most uv the time there iz a bit uv fact in all fiction, but it did got me to thinking that this is an issue that has been around since the time of the Neandrathals.

So'z I guess dat Maddow thingie iz one of the last uv her spieces and iz just trying to cover up why her ancestors are pretty much extinct, ya figger?

I will offer y'all one video that comes to mind when this attention grabbing thingie (ya ever seen dat movie "The Swamp Thing"?) says something in the pubic realms.

Ain't no doubt in my mind she advocates abortion as a means uv contraception.  This iz just a lead in to the real agenda uv selective breeding mandated by who knows who.

(Hows that for a theory?) 


  1. Well the thing of it is is this idea that the Catholic Church is involved in the insurance business (her words) and this is a falsehood or misnomer in of itself.

    The Church is providing facilities and services, certain and limited services, and not insurance.

    Thought experiment;

    If I require an operation on my foot I seek a Podiatrist, not go to a Heart Surgeon and demand he or she perform something they do not offer.

    Further, my insurance would not stand for this action of mine let alone pay for it.

    Back to the Catholic issue;

    If one wants and seeks contraception well it is simple, avoid Catholic institutions which are easily recognizable with names such as Holy Cross, St. John and so on.

    The last I knew almost every private/non-religious pharmacy across the U.S. let alone the globe offers contraceptives with or without prescriptions which again the latter in most cases is covered by insurance not the physician nor the facility where it was obtained.

    This is all about breaking down Christianity as a whole as it and the 2nd Amendment are the last strongest two obstacles standing between liberty and tyranny, period.

    1. Well stated quality man.

      It really isn't about health care, insurance, abortion or foot care. "Government" is threatend by religion and it always has been.

      There is a verse in the greatest BOOK ever given to mankind that emphatically illustrates the situation we are in,

      "Ye cannot serve two masters".

      The forces of evil know this and the dark side, ok I don't much care fur that Lucas fella but dem Star Wars movies are good theory makin avenues to be utilized when bloggin, will surely pit all religions (whether they do good or they do evil) against each other with the expectation uv,,,,, iffen they kill each other off a faithless government fills the void as the last entity left standing and control falls into their lap dogs.

      Imma history buff and there is a sur enuff evidence to prove the destructive pattern we put ourselves thru.

      Long live the Constitution and the the Bill Of Rights, they are the secondary writings that state we are unique indivduals and we can be thankfull for that gifts we have been givin

  2. You share the views of most of us in the conservative blogosphere.


  4. Obama simply has no respect for religious liberty. Christopher hit the nail on the head.

  5. 1. There is a verse in the greatest BOOK ever given to mankind that emphatically illustrates the situation we are in,
    "Ye cannot serve two masters".
    2. Same book, "Render onto Caesar"


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