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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Botox Babe is back in the news.

Everytime I hear about this gal I can envision the agony of waterboarding.  She's all wet, a suffocating liar and torturous to even look at.

Us folks up in Oregon have been over run with Californians for many years now and I sorta think maybe it's that they wanna get away from hypocrites like Pelosi.  One problem tho, they bring their liberal nature with 'em and the state at the end of the "trail" is fast becoming a little Californication. 

Even the east side of the Cascades is quickly cascading into a fetid pool of liberal back eddies filled with the sucker fish that swam upstream only to spawn again the failures they are trying to escape from.  Ta heck with a fence between Mexico and the US, Oregon needs an electrified one for sure.

Oh well, at least I got me my tongue in cheek country music,


  1. Didn't you know that her positions change according to whose in office at the time? Plus, she's a dang liar. She irks me to no end.

    1. She iz pretty much a puke inducer when I see her mug plastered in the media.


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